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To be leader in today's highly competitive economy, the most efficient tools must be used. But often the needs for your specific tasks are of such a high complexity, that only an individually developed solution comes with enough functionality to provide a satisfying solution.

ABANION provides the competence for the development of applications that meet the expectations you have.

Our expertise is the development of SharePoint solutions. Moreover, we still provide the development of databases, which are handled as browser based solution, Fat-Client and/or iPad App.


Our target is to support your processes instead of changing them. In employing the "Microsoft Solution Framework" we aspire a cooperation of all involved parties. After the analysis of the problem we start with a specification of the solution. We then create a prototype. This provides results in an early stage of the development phase and allows you to verify and control the development process of your product. After an acceptance of the prototype the product is finalized. Testing on programmatic and application level finalizes the development. Proper documentation assures quality.


Client operating systems
Client-Site: Microsoft Windows Plattform, Apple iOS
Server-Site: Microsft Office SharePoint Server, Database-Server Microsoft SQL Server and other SQL Database-Technologies

Development technologies
Microsoft .NET-Framework Apple XCode

Microsoft Active Server Pages, PHP, Java, JavaScript

Usually the applications are client-server applications for multi user environments in networks. Unlimited use in Internet / Intranet is possible.


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ABANION is member of the Sharepoint-Alliance.

The Sharepoint Alliance is a union between software development companies, which concentrate on projects with SharePoint technology.

Please visit the website of Sharepoint-Alliance for more information
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